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I´m Susanne, the owner, designer and creator of BellaNora Creative Studio.

So why did I name my brand BellaNora Creative Studio?

Well. the story is; I have 10 year old Labrador called Bella. She has been by my side, and in my studio since the day we got her. 

Every morning she greets me with wet snout, a wagging tail and I swear, a smile! She patiently waits outside the open door to my studio, until I have grapped my coffee and come with her. Then she settles down and falls asleep snoring . And that's the tune I work to every day.

BellaNora, because that's what my husband loving calls her.

My creative journey has lasted a lifetime; starting with traditional mediums like paints and pencils when I was girl, just learning the perfect way to shade my drawings, by my dad.

In 2018 I received my first iPad Pro with the apple pencil, and the way I work pivoted totally to the digital mediums, like procreate, affinity designer and the Adobe CC suite.

I am never without my iPad, and I never stop creating.

​I'm very inspired by by-gone Eras, such as Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Arts & Crafts. I adore sourcing inspiration from ancient art and vintage pattern masters, such as William Morris.

Take a look through my artwork and patterns under the top tap called Selected Work

I warmly welcome collaborations and licensing opportunities

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